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Jill Clark has very generously offered to transcribe past Postal Records which can be found below; additional records can be found in the Dallas County archives
Record of Box Rents at Cedar Hill Post Office 1899 - 1901 (Rate: fifteen cents per quarter. B. F. Tindle, Postmaster) Box # Name of Box Renter 1899 1900 1901 (partial years counted) 03 B. D. ELY x x 04 John ROBINSON x x x 05 J. J. HALL x x x 06 John FLEEMAN (?) x x x 07 Wm. BRYANT x x x 08 Willis VINCENT x 11 Wells V. LAUREN x x x 13 C. C. CORNELIUS x x 14 C. JOHNSON x x x 15 H. T. NARMAN (?) x x 19 J. C. TIMMINS x x x 20 Witherspoon V. SIMS x x x 21 E. HINTY x x x 22 S. C. CAVENDER x x x 24 J. W. HENDRICKS x x x 25 Mrs. M. E. GLASS x 27 G. Y. BROWN (?) x x x 28 T. L. STEWART x x 30 C. D. ROBERTS x x x 33 W. B. McCOMBS x 34 C. C. KIRK x x x 35 Wm. RAFE x 36 C. A. CONELL x x x 37 L. W. WYLIE x x x 38 E. M. WITHERSPOON x x x 39 R. N. HENDRICKS x x x 40 Joe WILSON x 41 J. W. PENN x 42 W. W. BIGBY x 43 W. N. NALES x x x 44 E. C. STRAUS x x x 46 Dr. CRANDELL x x x 47 J. C. RAMSEY x x x 48 H. F. HASWELL x x x 49 R. H. COOPER x x x 50 J. B. RAMSEY x x x 51 John RAFE x x x 52 C. B. POOL x x x 54 B. F. EMERSON x x x 57 L. POTTER x 61 G. A. CARROLL x x x 63 J. J. HALL x x (partially erased, see #05) 64 (Sam?) JAMES x x x 65 John BERRY x 65 J. W. BARTAU (or BARLOW) x 74 Barney HALL x 77 J.D. ADAMS x 78 J.D. MERRIMAN x x 08 J.M. MOORE x (last quarter of �99 only) 09 J.W. MATHEWS x 03 W. DAWSON x 35 G. W. BENNETT x x 59 J. D. POTTER x x 69 Joe BULLWEG (?) x x 33 J. W. BAILEY x 10 W. A. TURNER x 65 Mr. TALLANT (?) x 25 TRACY x 23 G. W. HOFFORD x 65 J. R. ACHLEY x 32 L. W. FLEEMAN (?) x 78 D. H. CHAMBERLIN x 79 B. F. CLEMENTS x 09 S.H. CHATMAN x 33 C. H. DWIGHT (?) x 12 A. J. COOPER x 78 W. C. CHERRY x 62 T. (F?) A. BRAY x 56 F. (T?) H. JOHNSSON x 10 T. H. ROBERTS x x x 29 Wm. ROSSE (RAFE?) x x x 66 John RAMSEY x 09 G. W. RAWDAN x 64 Robert V. (?) LOWE x 02 A. A. BROWN x 79 Advocate Pub Co. (?) x x 09 Will KRANTZ (KRAUTZ?) x (last quarter only) 20 G. S. SEWALL x (last quarter only) 77 J. H. STEWART x x 08 T. L. STEWART x x 01 R. M. STEINE x (last quarter only) 45 J. S. LAMON x x (last quarter only in �99) 18 J. W. WILLIAMS x 76 W. A. PERRY x x 12 D. LOWE x 31 G. BROWN x 34 W. H. BLAYLOCK x (last two quarters only) 32 G. W. RAY x Transcribed from the �Official Postmasters Account & Record Book, 4th Class, for Postoffice at Cedar Hill, State of Texas.� (Borrowed with permission of present postmaster, Sept. - Nov. 2001)

Cedar Hill History

History of Cedar Hill Book Project, the first published history of Cedar Hill spans 1836-present and includes some info regarding surrounding towns. Also included are early census, many family histories, original land grants, cemeteries, churches, historical structures and who built them, early Dallas Co. roads, settlements and towns starting in 1837, cattle trails, historic events, the geological history of this escarpment area known as Cedar Hill, plus an every-name index, including hundreds of photos. Contact Wanda Pitt for info on purchasing the book from the Cedar Hill Historical Society or lookups.

Joseph H. Stewart 1846-1912 of Cedar Hill.

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