History of Dallas County

Agricultural, 127 American National Bank, 297 Bankers & Merchants' National Bank, 301 Biographies of Presidents, 1-123 Buckner Orphan's Home, 310 Burning of Dallas in 1860, 289 Burning of Dallas in 1860 - Judge Nat M. Burford's version, 290 Burning of Dallas in 1860 - other accounts, 293 Burning of Dallas in 1860 - talk with one of the jurymen, 292 Cedar Hill, 335 Census, 128 Central National Bank, 302 Churches, 319 City National Bank, 298 City Offices, 1856-1857, 278 City Offices, 1859-1860, 278 City Offices, 1860-1861, 278 City Offices, 1861-1862, 278 City Offices, 1862-1866, 278 City Offices, 1868-1872, 279 City Offices, 1875, 280 City Offices, 1876, 280 City Offices, 1877, 281 City Offices, 1878, 281 City Offices, 1879, 281 City Offices, 1880, 281 City Offices, 1881, 281 City Offices, 1883, 282 City Offices, 1884, 282 City Offices, 1885, 282 City Offices, 1886, 282 City Offices, 1887, 282 City Offices, 1888, 282 City Offices, 1889, 283 City Offices, 1890, 283 City Offices, 1891, 283 City Offices, 1892, 284 City Offices, April 1858 - August 1858, 278 Cole's select school, 318 Colonel Wylie's Address, 230 County Officers, 1846-1848, 185 County Officers, 1848-1850, 185 County Officers, 1850-1852, 185 County Officers, 1852-1854, 185 County Officers, 1854-1856, 186 County Officers, 1856-1858, 186 County Officers, 1858-1860, 186 County Officers, 1860-1862, 186 County Officers, 1862-1864, 186 County Officers, 1864-1866, 186 County Officers, 1867, 1868, 1870 - Under radical rule, 187 County Officers, 1870 under the constitution of 1869, 187 County Officers, 1873, 187 County Officers, 1876-1878, 187 County Officers, 1878-1880, 188 County Officers, 1880-1882, 188 County Officers, 1881-1886, 188 County Officers, 1882-1884, 188 County Officers, 1888-1890, 189 County Officers, 1890-1892, 189 County Officers,1886-1888, 188 County Schools, 271 Daily Times-Herald, 314 Dallas, 272 Dallas - Financial center, 296 Dallas Bar, 203 Dallas Board of Trade, 303 Dallas Board of Trade - incorporated companies and institutions, 303 Dallas Climate, 273 Dallas Club, 309 Dallas County in the Mexican War, 209 Dallas Herald, 315 Dallas in the Civil War, 212 Dallas News, 313 Dallas Post Office, 276 Dallas' Peculiar Advantages, 273 District Judges of Dallas, 195 Early Incidents, 169 Early Records of the Courts, 193 Education, public and private, 316 Engine Company No. 1, 287 Fire Department, 286 First Precinct Boundaries, 191 First Records, 193 Future for Dallas, 275 Garland, 331 Geology, 125 Geology, 129 Grand Army of the Republic, 221 Hebrew Organizations, 310 Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, 287 Hook and Ladder Company No. 2 (East Dallas), 287 Hose Company No. 2 (Aetna Hose), 287 Indian Cowardice and Treachery, 141 Indian Government, 146 Indian Religion, 146 Indians, 136 Indians of Northern Texas, 144 Inducements offered by act of legislature - contracts for Peters' colony, 147 Invitation to Henry W. Grady, Esq., 253 Items from J.B. Brown's history, 150 Judicial Districts - 14th and 44th - Dallas County, 197 Knights of Honor, 308 Knights of Pythias, 308 Lancaster, 329 Masonic, 308 Media - Other periodicals, 315 Medical, 204 Medical Associations, 206 Members of Different Companies, 288 Membership of Sterling Price Camp, 214 Memorial Day, 223 Memorial Day - May 30, 1890, 233 Mequite, 333 Mercantile National Bank, 301 Military, 308 Mr. Grady's Great Speech, 255 National Bank of Commerce, 300 National Exchange Bank, 296 North Texas National Bank, 299 Oak Clif Societies, 328 Oak Cliff, 324 Oak Cliff College for Young Ladies, 325 Odd Fellows, 308 Oliver, F.N., Mayor - Address, 327 Organization of Dallas County, 181 Other Officers, 191 Partial Muster roll of the company in the Mexican War, 210 Physicians of Dallas County , 208 Physicians of the Present, 208 Pioneer Physicians, 204 Police Department, 285 Police Officers, 285 Post Offices in the County, 271 Railroad Facilities, 245 Religious services in the southern camps, 216 Representation in Constitutional Conventions, 189 Representatives from Dallas County 1847-1887, 191 Richardson, 337 Senators from 1846-1866, 190 Settlers of Dallas County 1841-1850, 151 Simpson, James B. picture, 296 Societies and organizations , 306 Society of Suicides, 309 Soil and other physical features, 126 St. Mary's Insitute, 311 State National Bank, 299 Sterling Price Camp, 212 Street Railways, 296 Temperature, 128 Texas College of Pharmacy, 312 Texas State Fair and Dallas Exposition, 247 The Black Prairie Region, 130 The Blue and the Gray, 213 The Eagle Ford Clay Shales, 133 The Earlier Settlers, 147 The Exogyra Ponderosa Marls, 135 The Indian Character, 139 The Lower Cross Timber Sands, 132 The Pioneer Association, 171 The Upper Arenaceous or Glauconitic Division, 136 Timber, 126 Treatment of the Indian, 140 Trinity River Committee's Report, 243 Trinity River Navigation, 236 Valuation of the Fire Department property, 288 Water courses, wells, etc., 127

Index of Biographies

Name-Page Number
Abbott, Edward A.-988; Abrams, William H.-826; Abright, R.W.-379
Akard, W.C.-391; Alford, George Frederick-749; Alford, George Frederick picture-749
Allen, J.W.-929; Allen, Samuel A.-482; Altermann, Charles F.-539
Arbuckle, James-358; Archer, W.A.-1002; Ardrey, A.C.-855
Armstrong, V.P.-677; Armstrong, William P.-926; Arnold, James C.-776
Ashton, Lawrence-914; Attebery, Stephen C.-527; Atwell, Benjamin D.-683
Aulick, W.W.-466; Austin, Frank-362; Bailey, Thomas C.-664
Baker, Artemas-574; Baker, Daniel M.-454; Baker, J.N.-739
Baker, James Thomas-542; Ballard, John S.-780; Barham, Charles Franklin-366
Barlow, H.C.-400; Baumann, Julius-406; Bean, Solomon H.-425
Beaver, Francis M.-923; Beaver, John T.-529; Bechtol, Daniel-544
Bechtol, Edward C.-928; Beckley, J.S.-586; Beeman, J.E.-747
Beeman, Scott-355; Beeman, William H.-856; Beggs, Thomas-367
Beilharz, T.M.-728; Bekkers, W.J.-775; Bell, Jackson-934
Bell, William B.-917; Benbrook, Monroe-474; Bennett, Henry B.-394
Bennett, William H.-452; Bernard, Charles H.-626; Bernard, Thomas-889
Best, William E.-444; Bigger, John C.-383; Blair, Robert A.-658
Blakeney, Joseph-396; Boales, William H.-798; Bohny, L.F.-628
Boll, Henry-625; Bolton, Evan W.-609; Bond, S.D.-364
Borah, William J.-550; Boren, I.T.-421; Bouche, A.E.-720
Boulay, Dominique-392; Bowles, Thomas-857; Bowser, Oliver P.-898
Boyce, James Drury-913; Boyd, John L.-498; Boydstun, J.G.-580
Bradford, B.M.-697; Braley, W.H.H.-736; Bramlett, J.M.-679
Branch, Wharton-419; Branch, Wharton picture-419; Brandenburg, B.F.-458
Branson, Benjamin L.-438; Branson, Thomas-578; Braswell, Samuel N.-775
Brennan, Thomas Frames-915; Briggs, John R.-497; Britain, James M.-371
Britain, Joseph-846; Brooks, Elijah P.-881; Brothers, Ross-712
Brothers, Sanger-819; Brotherton, Charles R.-888; Brotherton, Henry K.-571
Brown, A.C.-591; Brown, James W.-577; Brown, John Henry-445
Brown, John Henry picture-445; Brown, T.J.A.-804; Brown, Thomas C.-612
Brownlee, A.-662; Brownlee, James H.-650; Brundage, Solomon-657
Bruton, Richard-958; Bryan, James B.-692; Bryan, John-514
Bryant, W.N.-851; Buckner, Robert C.-468; Buckner, Robert C. picture-468
Buhrer, Jacob-622; Bullock, George Thomas-453; Bullock, Washington C.-714
Burchardt, Albert T.-641; Burford, Nathaniel M.-337; Burford, Nathaniel M. picture-337
Burgoon, Henry-464; Burke, Robert E.-998; Burke, W.D.-373
Burns, John S.-684; Bustrin, William-671; Butler Company-784
Cabell, Benjamin E.-944; Cabell, William Lewis-605; Cabell, William Lewis picture-605
Cade, Tom-459; Caldwell, John F.-563; Caldwell, Solomon W.-620
Callaway, Jesse-391; Cameron, David Franklin-902; Campbell, William L.-552
Capy, C.A.-491; Carden, A.O.-564; Carnes, Alva A.-810
Carrell, N.A.-906; Carruthers, Samuel-567; Carson, T.F.-937
Carter, Isaac-660; Caruth, Malter-529; Carver, Albert-890
Caven, William John-426; Cavender, S.C.-906; Chapman, James C.-347
Childers, J.V.-389; Childress, Albert W.-861; Childress, Albert W. picture-861
Chilton, Robert Henry-720; Clark, Moses M.-518; Coats, Lee-618
Cochran, A.M.-669; Cochran, A.M. picture-669; Cochran, James M.-583
Cochran, John Hughes-685; Cochran, John Hughes picture-685; Cochran, W.P.-737
Cockrell, Alexander-772; Coe, William N.-845; Coe, William N. picture-845
Coffey, John F.-449; Coffman, Benjamin F.-647; Cole, George C.-1001
Cole, James Reid-656; Cole, John H.-464; Cole, M.V.-370
Cole, W.R.-517; Cole, William P.-629; Cole, Willliam P. picture-629
Coleman, L.W.-567; Compton, Bishop-945; Cone, Michael T.-452
Connor, W.O.-471; Conroy, John J.-848; Coolidge, Joel B.-894
Coombes, Zellis, Jr.-804; Cooper, D.-665; Cooper, Thomas C.-734
Corcoran, John T.-809; Cornelius, A.P.-905; Cornelius, August-572
Cottman, W.F.-568; Cour, Claude A.-931; Cox, Susan-927
Coyle, Henderson B.-548; Craddock, L.-783; Crawford, Joseph A.-723
Creighton, R. Skelton-418; Cross, S.P.-729; Crouch, Joseph-670
Crutcher, George W.-755; Cullom, W.C.-871; Cummins, W.F.-866
Curtis, J.H.-978; Curtis, Wesley F.-632; Daniel, John H.-773
Daniel, John W.-879; Dargan, J.T.-433; Darwin, H.C.-730
Davis, Andrew P.-381; Davis, Benjamin T.-353; Davis, F.S.-759
Davis, John W.-955; Davis, M.M.-976; Dawdy, Allanson-639
DeFrese, G.L.-564; Dennett, Henry A.-576; Dennis, Andrew J.-962
Dickey, F.J.-730; Dilley, George M.-841; Disborough, W.A.-830
Dixon, John W.-424; Dixon, Sam H.-379; Doolittle, E.W.-746
Doran, William-893; Dougherty, William F.-1001; Doyle, George L.-875
Duncan, J.T.-939; Duncan, Joseph S.-485; Durgin, Charles H.-717
Durgin, Charles H. picture-717; Eakin, Timoleon Edwin-576; Ebrite, Louis C.-467
Eckford, J.J.-867; Edgerton, M. Thomas-977; Edmondson, J.W.-438
Elliott, John F.-822; Ellis, James Henry-990; Ellis, Thomas McKee-641
Ellison, Mark-505; Elmore, A.M.-408; Embree, Kelley H.-356
Emmins, H.J.-604; Enders, William-832; Ervay, Francis M.-384
Erwin, Michael-348; Erwin, S.A.-767; Ewalt, Noah S.-507
Ewell, George William-676; Ewing, J.A.-907; Exall, Henry-569
Fant, W.C.-975; Fargason, L.M.-356; Farmer, Marion M.-551
Fendrich, Francis-711; Ferris, Royal A.-786; Figh, John R.-496
Finnigan, J.J.-715; Fisher, B.H.-833; Fisher, J.C.-455
Fisher, Thomas B.-635; Fisher, W.R.-726; Flanagan, Richard-588
Fleming, G.W.-439; Fleming, William-922; Flippen, E.E.-727
Flook, Louis M.T.-428; Florence, David -929; Florence, David W.-616
Florence, John H.-627; Flowers, Thomas K.-633; Floyd, Alfred Byron-933
Floyd, Charles A.-540; Floyd, David A.B.-969; Floyd, J.N.-982
Flynn, Thomas-378; Foree, Kenneth-554; Foree, Silas H.-964
Forrester, W.C.-418; Fowlkes, Tilley-818; Franklin, James B.-924
Fuller, George-800; Fuqua, George S.-537; Furgarson, J.M.-451
Galloway, Benjamin F.-453; Gano, Clarence W.-760; Gano, John T.-869
Gano, R.M.-940; Gano, Richard M.-998; Gano, William B.-1004
Garison, J.C.-437; Garlington, Moses D.-422; Garrett, Alexander Charles-602
Garrison, Augustus-634; Garrison, L.S.-339; Garvin, James G.-688
Gary, W.A.-554; Gibbs, Barnett-372; Gibson, I.B.-838
Gilbert, Charles E.-699; Gilbert, D.W.-511; Gillespie, Charles B.-340
Gillespie, James Henry-711; Gillespie, John P.-671; Givens, George W.-619
Golay, Vincent H.-672 Golden, P.H.-938 Good, Noah-516 Goodfellow, Moses-440 Goodnight, James P.-541 Goodnight, James P. picture-541 Gracey, C.G.-505 Gracey, E.A.-429 Gracey, E.A. picture-429 Gracey, Marcus DeLa Fayette-688 Grauwyler, John-421 Green, John Thomas-988 Green, Jones-542 Gribble, William B.-655 Griffith, John S.-802 Gross, G.B.-884 Gross, James M.-864 Grove, David E.-725 Groves, J.E.-535 Groves, William Q.-543 Guillot, E.E.-340 Guillot, Maxime-892 Gunner, Rudolph-338 Gurley, James W.-777 Hallum, Edward J.-533 Halsel, William J.-430 Halsell, E.M.-506 Hamilton, F.M.-912 Hamilton, H.-341 Hand, John T.-455 Harp, J.S.-700 Harrell, W.H.-360 Harris, Pleasant P.-947 Harris, William-470 Harris, William H.-499 Harrison, J.B.-522 Harrison, William A.-643 Harrison, William O.-512 Harry, O.K.-814 Hart, Abraham-784 Hart, Douglass A.J.-981 Hartnett, J.A.-373 Hash, John-897 Haskell, Horatio Nelson-470 Hatch, Jerome B.-646 Hawpe, G.T.-799 Heffington, James C.-487 Henderson, J.B.-774 Henderson, W.D.-758 Hendrick, Peter J.-829 Hendrick, Peter J. picture-829 Hendricks, J.W.-911 Henry, R.P.-508 Hensley, W.R.-745 Herman, John-342 Hill, W.M.C.-792 Hobbs, William W.-603 Hodge, A.L.-719 Hodges, George H.-480 Holland, H.T.-570 Holland, J.W.-991 Holt, P.-789 Hopkins, John W.-553 Hopkins, Milas-607 Hopkins, S.B.-344 Horne, Abram McCoy-399 Horton, Enoch-996 Horton, James-947 Housley, L.-403 Houston, H.W.-693 Howell, J.M.-797 Howell, J.M. picture-797 Huffhines, J.W.-513 Huffhines, Philip W.-971 Hughes, J.S.-415 Hughes, John V.-796 Hughes, W.R.-793 Hughes, William Young-731 Humbard, Absalom S.-648 Hundley, William E.-959 Hunnicutt, Samuel -691 Hunt, J.W.-376 Hunt, P.B.-488 Hunter, John-850 Hurst, John-722 Hurt, R.M.-715 Huvelle, C.H.-473 Jack, Clinton-885 Jackson, James E.-980 Jackson, John-761 Jacobs, E.A.-927 Jacobs, John C.-735 Jacoby, Lewis-520 James, George W.-610 Jenkins, R.H.-801 Jenkins, William-995 Johnson, Joseph W.-936 Johnson, William M.-413 Johnston, H.B.-835 Johnston, Joseph S.-997 Jones, William A.-481 Kanady, Charles D.-523 Kanady, S.W.-674 Kearby, J.C.-690 Keever, A.P.-887 Keller, William J.-834 Kelley, William-436 Kennedy, James M.-509 Kimbrough, R.S.-467 Kimbrough, W.C.-891 Kimbrough, William-888 King, David-582 King, Thomas F.-516 Kinnard, William M.-938 Kirby, Andrew B.-682 Kirby, John M.-949 Kivlen, Kearney J.-507 Kivlen, Kearney J. picture-507 Klein, Samuel-407 Knight, Epps G.-547 Knight, Gabriel A.-556 Knight, George A.-805 Knight, W.R.-465 Knox, Calhoon-861 Kyle, Harry L.-799 Lacy, D.A.-667 Lacy, N.J.-407 Lagow, W.R.-519 Landess, Daniel C.-359 Lang, W.W.-943 Langdeau, C.H.-673 Lanham, B.G.-432 Lanier, Archibald B.-886 Lathrop, A.S.-959 Lawler, Silas N.-968 Laws, John W.-856 Laws, Robert H.-460 Lawther, R.R.-754 Leadbetter, O.V.-397 Leadbetter, O.V. pictures-397 Lednum, Charles H.-818 Leeds, Ludovic C.-443 Lemmon, Alexander C.-741 Lemmon, William Hughes-768 Leonard, Horatio G.-617 Letcher, J.S.-782 Letot, Clement-903 Lewis, Charles B.-992 Lewis, Sampson K.-534 Lewis, William H.-798 Lindsay, D.H.-437 Lindsey, Philip-376 Linskie, Patrick W.-738 Little, William J.-937 Lively, Laura-493 Lively, P.H. picture-493 Logan, W.J.-357 Loomis, George W.-646 Loucks, J.B.-740 Loughery, Edward-825 Loupot, John-395 Love, Martin H.-996 Loving, Willlis M.-587 Lowrey, James B.-904 Lucas, A.K.-548 Luck, William M.-525 Luck, William M. picture-525 Lumney, William H.-612 Lyons, James-640 Mackay, David-375 Macon, G.T.-589 Madsen, Hansen-895 Mahoney, Dennis P.-747 Mann, Albert N.-427 Mann, Martin William-781 Mann, Martin William picture-781 Mann, T.J.-802 Marsalis, Thomas L.-410 Marsh, John D.-986 Marsh, Thomas C.-961 Marshall, E.P.-989 Martin, C.J.-813 Martin, Mary Ann-880 Martin, W.P.-813 Martin, W.P. picture-813 Martiniere, Joseph-963 May, John B.-441 Mayer, S.-676 McCallum, Langdon C.-616 McClain, Sarah J.-504 McClellan, John H.-829 McCommas, Amon-960 McCommas, Elisha-349 McCommas, Elisha picture-349 McConnell, William J.-808 McCord, D.C.-350 McCormick, J.D.-546 McCormick, Joseph M.-949 McCoy, John C.-557 McCoy, John C. picture-557 McCoy, W.A.-416 McCurdy, T.B.-496 McDade, I.H.-738 McDonald, W.L.-678 McDonald, William-918 McDonough, Patrick-600 McElroy, W.D.-912 McEnnis, Thomas F.-611 McFall, George L.-932 McGregor, H.V.-824 McKinney, Charles W.-663 McLaughlin, John Isaac-983 McLaurin, H.L.-876 McLaurin, Lauch-854 McManus, James W.-772 McMurry, J.A.-417 McQuirk, Michael -984 Meisterhaus, Charles-428 Mellersh, George-524 Merrell, John M.-718 Merrifield, John W.-434 Metzger, Jacob-900 Miller, Madison M.-603 Miller, William B.-365 Miller, William B. picture-365 Miller, William T.-950 Millican, B.F.-979 Millican, Francis Marion-536 Mills, J.S.-883 Mills, Robert J.-457 Mitchel, B.F.-692 Mitchell, Charles S.-973 Mitchell, Charles S. picture-973 Mitchell, J.H.-402 Mitchell, S.D.-584 Mitchell, William A.J.-987 Moad, John S.-681 Moon, William M.-953 Moore, J.W.-827 Morgan, Daniel-343 Morris, T.A.-585 Morrison, J.W.-404 Morton, W.F.-590 Moser, Chris-991 Mosher, Theodore-345 Moss, E.L.-585 Moulard, Henry-371 Mouser, Frederick M.-431 Moxley, R.D.-803 Mueller, August-495 Murphree, D.Q.-883 Murphy, Robert-394 Myers, John M.-478 Nance, David C.-807 Nance, Samuel H.-636 Nash, Thomas F.-508 Neelly, G.W.-608 Nelson, James A.-946 Nelson, S.-342 Nelson, William B.-544 New, Ambrose C.-951 Newman, George W.-405 Newman, Hermann R.-903 Newton, M.J.-833 Noble, George-621 Noble, George picture-621 Noetzli, Henry-549 Obenchain, Henry L.-573 Obenchain, Henry L. picture-573 Oliver, F.N.-733 Oliver, F.N. picture-733 Oliver, F.N., Mrs. picture-733 Orlopp, M.A.-706 Orr, Charles M.-827 Overand, E.T.-359 Overton, A.L.-385 Overton, W.W.-932 Overton, William Perry -701 Overton, William Perry picture-701 Owen, William J.-369 Pace, J.M.-387 Pace, Nicholas F.-346 Page, Harvey-859 Palmer, J.R.-762 Palmer, James K.-382 Parks, Harrison R.-739 Parks, J.J.-915 Paschall, D.A., Dr.-351 Pation, M.M.-917 Patrick, Callaway H.-679 Patterson, Ed. M.-713 Patterson, James Martin-877 Patterson, James Martin picture-877 Patterson, S.E., Mrs. picture-877 Peacock, J.L.-785 Peacock, Jesse H.-689 Pearson, William E.-504 Pellenz, Frederick W.-637 Pellenz, Frederick W. picture-637 Pemberton, Alfred-506 Penn, Joseph R.-491 Perry, Alexander W.-836 Perry, Alexander W., Mrs. picture-837 Perry, Alexander, W. picture-837 Perry, Mid-921 Perry, W.A.-911 Phelps, Samuel C., Jr.-652 Polvogt, Frederick C.-899 Potter, John P.-644 Potter, S.J.-713 Poynor, D.A.-370 Price, Herbert-363 Prigmore, Benjamin J.-494 Pringle, Henry-753 Pruitt, Edwin-860 Pulaski, Andrew J.-390 Rainey, William J.-890 Ramsby, Thomas S.-897 Ramsey, James F.-910 Ramsey, Jesse M.-639 Randall, E.S.-748 Randlett, Samuel L., Jr.-675 Range, Isaac N.-916 Rape, John-638 Rawlins, Benjamin L.-788 Rawlins, R.D.-790 Rawlins, Roderick Alexander-476 Rawlins, Roderick Alexander picture-476 Reagan, Philip-984 Record, Joseph W.-607 Reid, Andrew T.-406 RĊ½mond, E.-502 Reverchon, Jacque Maximilien-613 Reverchon, Jacque Maximilien picture-613 Richardson, S.Q.-812 Ricketts, Joseph O.-695 Ricketts, W.S.-659 Riggan, Charles N.-901 Roberson, Willis W.-693 Roberts, R.A.-623 Robinson, D.A.-649 Rogers, Daniel Joseph-828 Rosser, Charles M.-668 Routh, Redfaren-700 Rowland, James F.-724 Rowley, Fayette R.-439 Rugel, J.C.-956 Rush, S.A.-721 Russell, James-659 Russey, M.W.-661 Ryan, William-909 Ryan, William picture-909 Saims, James G.-791 Sale, R.A.-631 Sanderson, T.P.-630 Sandifer, Thomas-617 Saunders, John T.-970 Schiff, Gustavus -492 Schupback, Frederick-503 Scofield, C.L.-985 Scott, Isabella, Mrs.-870 Scott, Jack-686 Scott, Oceola P.-501 Scott, Shalem E.-938 Scott, Shalem E.-967 Scripture, A.W.-697 Scripture, R.M.-793 Sears, G.R.-716 Sebastian, W.W.-708 Shawver, George H.-353 Shawver, Montiollion-442 Shuford, J.Z.-707 Sickles, William C.-832 Simpson, John-696 Skiles, Thomas A.-732 Slaughter, C.C.-520 Slocum, Seth-374 Smith, A.P.-845 Smith, Curtis P.-907 Smith, D.W.C.-420 Smith, Ed. C.-1003 Smith, Henry H.-500 Smith, J. William-385 Smith, John W.-814 Smith, Margaret S.-361 Smith, W.L.-403 Smith, William H.W.-456 Smoot, J.B.-386 Sonnefield, George W.-459 Sowers, Edmund D.-545 Spain, D.A.-975 Spears, Noa-862 Spellman, John-526 Spiller, A.M.-952 Stallings, B.F.-486 Standley, Albert-899 Stark, William H.-972 Steere, J.M.-770 Stemmons, John M.-530 Stephens, W.P.-580 Stewart, George Wilson-497 Stewart, Joseph H.-706 Storey, John C.-538 Stovall, Walter R.-651 Strange, W.T.-483 Strother, R.D.-893 Strother, R.D. picture-893 Stuart, D.L.-435 Stuart, Daniel Albert-547 Stuart, Edward A.-1002 Stuart, Thomas H.D.-393 Stults, William-354 Sullivan, Daniel F.-680 Summers, Alfred P.-412 Summers, Robert E.-966 Sutton, W.H.-663 Sweatt, Quincy A.-583 Swindells, Charles S.-935 Swor, J.W.-835 Tally, William S.-918 Taylor, Calvin-537 Taylor, James Harvey-581 Taylor, W.B.-849 Taylor, W.H.-628 Ternell, Pliny Fisk-806 Terry, James S.-673 Thatcher, James Swearingen-521 Thatcher, John E.-503 Thatcher, Wilbur F.-606 The Ursuline Convent and Academy-857 Thomas, Pinkney-842 Thomas, William-413 Thompson, R.W.-839 Thompson, William Lafayette-765 Thompson, William Lafayette-765 Thruston, Stephen D.-475 Tillman, Emmanuel M.-709 Tippett, Charles H.-923 Titterlington, Daniel-694 Toole, Robert P.-398 Toppin, A.S.-710 Torbert, Benjamin E.-744 Trammell, William-630 Trees, Crawford-920 Trees, P.W.-344 Trotman, Thomas B.-756 Tucker, Branch-346 Tucker, Charles Frederick-925 Tucker, Charles Frederick picture-925 Tucker, Cornelius M.-634 Turner, Edward P.-705 Uhl, Thomas-919 Umphress, John R.-868 Umphress, M.A.-957 Vining, Albert C.-386 Wadleigh, Jacob D.-865 Walker, T.L.-993 Waller, F.E.-666 Wandless, Henry Wetzell-831 Warren, J.F.-703 Waters, David-933 Wathen, Benjamin S.-463 Watson, Alexander-811 Watts, Arthur Thomas-368 Weatherford, Thomas J.-993 West, Isaac C.-450 West, John R.-526 Whaley, L.B.-572 Wheat, Clayon Miller-482 Wheelock, William K.-592 Whitaker, E.H.-945 White, Francis M.-513 White, William L.-366 White, Woodson P.-997 Whitefield, G.W.-615 Wilkins, George -801 Wilkinson, Thomas-794 Williams, D.A.-409 Williams, T.C.-461 Williams, T.C. picture-461 Williams, T.C., Mrs. picture-461 Wilmut, Ephraim-990 Wilson, Lewis-952 Winters, L.W.-695 Witwer, John Studebaker-763 Wolff, W.C.-704 Wolfson, Leo-882 Wood, Walter r.-871 Wood, William E.-871 Woods, Isham M.-995 Woods, S.A.-555 Woodside, J.C.-661 Wooten, Dudley G.-766 Worthington, Samuel G.-601 Wright, James W.-687 Wright, Jesse-948 Wright, N.K. & Son-457 Wylie, W.D.-653 Wylie, W.D. picture-653 Yeargan, Nathan A.-472 Young, Joseph B.D.-645 Young, William C.-872

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