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Miss Hockaday School for Girls
Class of 1923

There is additional information in the yearbook on many of the students and faculty listed below. The seniors and faculty are individually photographed, while the other classes are pictured in groups. For each of the seniors there is a one-page listing of club memberships along with the yearbook staff's description of the student. For further information you may email: don.brownlee@csun.edu

Aggers, Louise
Aldredge, Katherine
Allen, Alice, Sr
Baker, Winifred, Sr
Barnett, Eloise
Bevans, Olivia
Bower, Virginia, Sr
Bowers, Dorothy
Browder, Margaret
Browder, Virginia
Chapman, Una
Chapman, Unis
Chase, Betty, Sr
Childress, Elizabeth, Sr
Clark, Doris
Clem, Katye Wray
Cochran, Mrs., faculty
Cox, Mary
Cunningham, Dorothy
Deavours, Margaret, Sr
Deussen, Lucille
Doyle, Corinne, Jr
Dyckman, Helen
Exline, Dorothy
Flanary, Mary Frances, Sr
Frank, Warrena
Gardner, Belle
Glasgow, Bonnie Belle
Hall, Helen, Sr
Hamm, Dorothy, Jr
Harral, Martha Mildred, Sr
Harrison, Virginia, Sr
Haughton, Alice, Sr
Haughton, Brooks
Henderson, Miss, faculty
Higgins, Julia
Hockaday, Miss, faculty
Hudson, Genevieve, Sr
Hughes, Catherine
Hussey, Mary Louise, Sr
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Katherine
Kirkpatrick, Ermine
Knox, Helen
Lee, Miriam
March, Lorene, Sr
McBride, Catherine
McCullough, Kate, Sr
Mears, Ethel
Mears, Mabel, Sr
Morgan, Miss, faculty
Mullins, Frances
Munns, Elizabeth
Neill, Frances
Neill, Grace
O'Neall, Nancy
Padgitt, Kate
Pettit, Nell
Ramsey, Dorothy, Sr
Saunders, Margaret, Sr
Smith, Lila
Tarver, Kathleen
Thomas, Mary Katherine, Sr
Thomas, Pearl
Thomas, Virginia, Sr
Trent, S. B., faculty
Wadley, Emily
Waggoner, Jewel, Sr
Wallace, Pauline
Wessendorff, Rob Lee
White, Helen
Willman, Florence
Wolfe, Katherine, Sr